Coaches and Teams

Powerful tools to manage your roster and communicate with team members; keeping them up to date with the latest information in real time.

Players and Parents

For registration, viewing all of the scheduled games and practices, recieving push notifications about updates, managing billing information, and much more.

Administrative Staff

All of the tools needed to manage your staff, facilities, and events. Everyday productivity from billing, payments, and reports; to coordinating games and tournaments.

Customizable Dashboard

You have control over what each type of user see's on their dashboard when they login.

In-App Advertising

You can even use your apps as a new revenue stream, with the ability to manage ad space for sponsors right inside your apps.

Your Apps in the Appstores

You won't ever have to tell customers to go download the TeamSnap or SportsEngine app, then try to find you in it. It's your app!

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Give Your Customers A Better Experience
All of this creates a platform that utilizes every tool available, to give you the best product available, and provide your parents, players, and staff the best experience available.

Productivity Anywhere

All of the desktop features you expect are also available within the mobile applications. So you have total control for your league, teams, players and more in any location or environment.

Administrative Tasks

Complete control of all administrative functions such as team or event changes, invoicing, scheduling, reports, and more.

User Specific

You have the control to limit access based on designated user roles, and you can send communcations directly to specific teams, programs, or roles.

Direct Notifications

The ability to create and send emails or push notifications from the primary or administrative profiles, and the reception and broadcasting of these to the users device.

App Screens
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